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Buy 2, Get 1 Free. 2-4 Days Received
Beginner's Guide - 4 Mistakes to Avoid

Beginner's Guide - 4 Mistakes to Avoid

Hello everyone,my name is Laura and today I’m going to talk about five things that I learned while doing my first paint-by-numbers.

I hope you don’t make the mistakes that I made.

Mistake 1

My painting came rolled up. You can see these wrinkled in the canvas. If this happened to your canvas, make sure you try to straighten it out before you start painting.

I have now learned there are multiple ways of getting these folds out.

One would be an arrow ring method or like glued or heat-treated onto an art board. But both these things you need to do before there’s any paint on the canvas as there is a lot of heat and you don’t know how to paint will react with the heat. So I discovered these techniques too late.

And when I was already painting so I have to find a different way of getting faults out.

Mistake 2

Mistake 2 is actually related to that and that is to do your research before your paint by numbers.

I didn’t do that. I’m sure you’ll be in a much better position than I was when I started this paint -by -numbers design,as you read my article.

Mistake 3

Mistake 3 is not making my own plan. What I mean with this is that I first started color number nine but then I found that was wrong.

I should start with color number one and then work my way up number by number

In this design package,number one is this cream color you that you can see here. And then number two is the light blue and number three is green. So it doesn’t go color by color. I have no idea that the number of the color is based on.


I think I would have liked it better if I first it all the whites then all the browns and all the blues and greens color by color instead of going from white to blue to green to brown back to green back to blue.

My advice to you is picking your own plan. You don’t need to do number one first. You are the boss of your painting. You can decide which colors you want to do first or even start with a section instead of color. Do whatever you want and what what feels best for you.

Mistake 4

I waited for my painting a long time also due to the corona virus but if I chose a different company it might have come quicker.

From ordering this painting to finally receiving it, I think I ended up waiting 4 to 5 weeks. It was too long.

Artnumbers is a good choice. Usually customers can get their orders in 4 days. 

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