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About Us

Have you heard of Art therapy?

It has been proven for many times that paint by numbers and diamond painting is a miracle that allows anyone to benefit from it.Art therapy helps children, adolescents, and adults explore their emotions, improve self-esteem, improve motor skills, manage addictions, increase concentration, relieve stress, practice mindfulness, improve symptoms of anxiety and depression, and cope with a physical illness or disability.Paint by numbers and diamond painting is the best way of doing art therapy at home and are tools to spread happiness and wellness among people of all ages.

We believe that everyone has a creative spark inside them, and we want to make it easier for you to embrace your artistic side. strive to provide high-quality DIY kits that are sourced from the best designers and manufacturers in the world. We were founded in 2015 with a mission to promote the wonderful healing benefits of art therapy and mindfulness. We are the largest and most famous paint by numbers and diamond painting shop online with more than 85.000 kits sold and delivered to 89 countries, with the best cost-benefit for our customers. Our team is always developing new products, wishing that you have the most fun possible by painting by numbers and diamond painting.Every paint-by-numbers kit and diamond painting kits we sell brings us closer to our goal of making the world a happier, healthier place for everyone.

Our paint by numbers kits products are ideal for both painting novices and experienced painters who would like to enjoy a new challenge,with a diverse range of designs and sizes. All kits include paints needed to finish the picture, as well as basic brushes but we also have a selection of advanced brushes in our store for you to choose from.

We use the premium quality materials and offer only the best service with competitive prices and fast delivery, making it easier than ever to bring you the best shopping experience.
We count on you to spread this art therapy to your family and friends.